The prefects of Cradock High School visited the Cradock Animal Shelter (CAS) on Saurday 20 October, to help with the cleaning and maintenance of the kennels and grounds.

The group took up the challenge enthusiastically, got up early and donated their time to assist the staff of the CAS to thoroughly clean all the kennels and surrounding grounds. It was however not all work as the learners also took the opportunity to play with and cuddle the animals currently living in the kennels.

The Cradock Animal Shelter is a non-profit organisation that is dependent on donations and support from the community. By donating their time, the Kwaggas lightened the financial burden of employing temporary workers to assist with the cleaning of the kennels.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. It is important for us as a community to get our hands dirty and get involved. The Kwaggas would like to challenge all schools, service groups and community institutions to get involved with the Cradock Animal Shelter and any other non-profit organisation in need of donations and support. As the CHS credo goes: “Without labour nothing is achieved”.

Photo above: The prefects of CHS at the Cradock Animal Shelter. These learners spent the morning cleaning the kennels and showing affection to the animals.

Front fltr: Andrea Felix, Bruzelia Martins, Anika Marais, Siya Mashicila, Emihle Bunu

Middle fltr: Sicqobile Nkosana, Liesl-Mari Jonker, Chamrine Booysen, Elanie de Wet, Ian Schoeman, Garth Bezuidenhout, Willem Karsten, Sisanda Zenzile, Elize-Mari Gerber, Anika Hay, Liyema Bobelo

Back: Pieter-Ben Smit

Photo left: Elize-Mari Gerber, head girl of CHS, in action at the CAS. The prefects of CHS donated their time to help clean the kennels and took some time to play with the animals.